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Do you submit claims electronically?

Yes, we submit most claims electronically. We do send some claims on paper to the carriers who do not have the capabilities or who are not efficient in receiving EMC (Electronic Medical Claims). We will also submit on paper if a referral or other documentation is required to be attached to the claim.

How quickly can you be up and running?

We can begin sending claims out the day the contract is signed if necessary. It generally takes about 2 weeks to get your practice set up electronically and for us to gather all the initial information on your practice. We will submit the necessary Medicare change forms on your behalf and any other carrier specific paper work required within the first week.

How do we get our existing patient data to you?

We provide several set up options. We can link to your EHR to get all existing patient information, set up remote access to your current system or the new patient information can be submitted to us via email or fax. We recommend that you have your patient complete a new patient information form and get copies of the most current insurance cards and patient authorizations as they come in.  This gives you the opportunity to update your patient records and gives you a “fresh start”.

Can my Electronic Health Records be linked to your Practice Management System?

In most cases we can set up a link between your current EHR system and our PM system to provide a seamless transition.

Will I have access to my data? Will I be able to use your PM system for my practice?

You can use our PM system to schedule appointments, enter patient demographics, process patient payments, scan insurance cards, and much more! There is an additional charge of $100 per user per month to access and utilize the PM system.  We also provide monthly reports so you know how your practice is doing.

I am an independent physician working out of a hospital and do not have a staff, how would I get set up with your service?

Most hospitals have a secure email that we can utilize.  You can simply email us the date of service, patient name, procedures done, and diagnosis with the face sheet attached. Depending on the hospitals you work out of, we may be able to set up mobile MD so we can access and pull all patient face sheets for you.

Should we continue to work our previous billings/collections once you take over?

This is based on your preference. Some providers want a fresh start and prefer to have a clear starting point. While others want us to go back and “clean up” some outstanding issues they have. We like to take a look at your specific situation and together we can decide what needs to happen.

How often are my claims processed?

We will submit your claims within 24 hours of receipt. If we need to gather additional information we will communicate this with you and prepare the claim for processing upon receipt of that information.

Will you help our practice with the credentialing process?

Yes, we will handle all the credentialing work that is needed. From being a start-up practice to just renewing contracts, we will complete all the paperwork required based on your requests.

What do you charge for your billing services?

We charge a percentage of what we collect for you. This includes all insurance and patient payments received.  We base our percentage on a variety of factors: specialty, monthly volume, and what services you want included.  Our percentage usually falls between 6%-9% of collections.  You are not charged anything else over and beyond this unless you choose to use our PM or EHR systems, where there is an additional monthly charge for this.

Why do some billing companies only charge by the claim vs. a percentage of collected revenue?

Many billing companies will charge you a flat fee per claim because they just submit the claim to the insurance company and it stops there. We charge you a percentage of what we collect. We are more compelled to work harder. We will follow up on outstanding claims and appeal denied charges. We work to get you the highest reimbursement possible – a “win-win” for everyone.

What makes NCM different from most other billing services?

-We not only have years of experience in the medical billing industry but we have also been on the other end of things working for several insurance companies. We have the all around knowledge needed to understand why claims are denied and how to get them to the insurance carrier error free.

-We have also managed several practices. This allows us to understand and anticipate your challenges as a healthcare provider. We are able to suggest ways to improve the way things are structured in the office.

-One of the things we as a company strive to do is to provide you with personalized service. We want you to feel like you are the only practice we have. We like to meet with you or your office manager on a regular basis so we can go over reports or communicate any problems. We will be available for you whenever you need us.